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FUgE (Forum for Environment and Equitable Development) is with the approach of “preserving the natural resources and distributing global wealth more equitably” in the tradition of the „Local Agenda 21”. These objectives have been set by many people in Hamm and in the Hellweg region who have become active in church communities, environmental groups, one-world initiatives and human rights organisations. FUgE brings together these groups and committed individuals, combines their activities and makes the common messages public. We believe: Environment, Development and Social Services are closely associated. Only together they blend into a harmonious whole. See FUgE members HERE

FUgE provides a forum for the consultation process between citizens, business and politics, which was initiated by the United Nations at the 1992 “World Summit“ in Rio de Janeiro. Hamm feels traditionally particularly committed to promoting community involvement. What began with the pilot-project “Environmental city of the future” and continued as Agenda 21, is now reflected in the general principles of Hamm’s civil society. FUgE is helping to fill this concept of a local “community of responsibility” of politics, administration and citizenship with life.

The FUgE Network

FUgE is a network of groups and individuals committed to developmental, environmental, peace promotion and human rights work. It is a forum for stakeholders from the field of one-world and environment in Hamm, the Hellweg region and the Arnsberg District in Germany. The work is supported by the active members, the board, the fair-trade-shop’s team, intercultur and the one-world-coordination as well as the staff of FUgE.
The aim of this work is raising awareness and changing society for the purpose of an equitable, democratic and ecological development. Since 1998, FUgE is dealing with local and international organisations and supports regional groups in founding local one-world networks.

Regional networking centre
hamm-hellwegof the Hellweg region

In the joint-office of the Hellweg region (eastern Ruhr region / district of Soest) Claudia Kasten and Ulrike Sturm, regional coordination for development education, is available as the main contact person for the various one-world groups.
The aim of the Regional networking centre is to combine the one-world work in the Hellweg region and attract many committed groups and individual initiatives to the table. This is done by a mix of services and events which are carried out by many volunteers. It therefore promotes an information and networking structure of one-world initiatives from Hamm and the districts of Unna and Soest. See e.g. the networks LIGA in Lünen and LiNet in Lippstadt.
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FUgE operates this coordination for development education in cooperation with the One World Network (Eine-Welt-Netz) and Engagement Global.

Intercultur networking centre
of Arnberg Districtikp-nrw-fuge

The promoter Marcos A. da Costa Melo start where it is most important. They initiate development education projects that motivate migrants, multipliers and local citizens to work for sustainable development and intercultural work. The aim of these networking points is to bring the intercultural and one-world work of many committed groups and individual initiatives in the region to the table. This is done through a colorful mix of educational opportunities in schools and public events. These offers, in cooperation with regional and local associations, promote the information and networking structure of refugee, migrant and one-world initiatives throughout the region.
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FUgE operates this intercultur networking in cooperation with the One World Network (Eine-Welt-Netz) and North Rhine-Westphalia state government (NRW/Germany).

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